Your Todo app of choice?

Hi all! Always curious to hear from other believers as to their preferred todo app? What do you use and why? How does it help you achieve greater peace of mind?


Hello @TheDailySaint.
I do not seem to stick to one todo app for long.
Currently using Sorted which has a nice look and easy actions.


Hi there!

Tried most of the available ones, currently using Things 3 but fighting a lot with not having unlimited planning depth.

Why Things? It’s damn beautiful and has a much simpler UI than anything out there IMHO. Feature parity on the iPad (especially in terms of keyboard shortcuts) is another big one.

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I’ve used OmniFocus (the early editions when it was part of OmniOutliner), RememberTheMilk, Toodledo, ToDoist, 2Do, but landed on Things 3. ToDoist was the first one that REALLY stuck, but I really like how pretty Things 3 is and that isn’t a web app and is available on iOS and Mac.

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I still fluctuate between Things, OmniFocus & Reminders.

  1. Things does all the stuff I need, is a beautiful app, and easy to work with on all platforms.
  2. OmniFocus makes the data nerd inside me happy. I can make all kinds of views to see what’s coming up, what I’ve done, etc…
  3. Reminders has some great 3rd party clients (GoodTask & 2Do), and is the best with the Siri watch face.

Currently using Things. :smiley:


I feel like me using Things is an inevitability based on my changing approach to task management. Though for now, I’m still resisting :smile:


Be warned. It’s a way different mindset resulting in a love/hate struggle for OmniFocus users. You’ll love the simplicity and hate having to only have two real levels of planning depth.
Oh, you’ll also love the much better iOS clients, dark mode, keyboard shortcut parity on mobile and perhaps even the different handling of repeating tasks😈.

Sync. Did I mention sync? You’ll forget about it, that’s how seamless it is.


So true. Best implementation ever.


@TheDailySaint I have been using OmniFocus for years after listening to MacSparky on MacPowerUsers. But only in the last two years has it really been part of my daily life and part of my planning process. I enjoy that you can have many options and go as deep into the program you prefer without losing the functionality if you stay simple.


I feel like this is the crux of every task manager. Even Reminders and its 3rd party clients. There are definitely ways that each app expects you to work, and if you don’t fit into those molds, then the app just isn’t going to work as well for you.

You can try and make OmniFocus as simple as possible, but you’ll still run into friction with different aspects of it because they expect you to create multiple Perspectives for your different views, and they expect you to make heavy use of their inspector panels.

I can’t say I’ve found a “bad” app in all my exploits. They’re just all different and they all have strengths and weaknesses. :man_shrugging:

Good points… the app is a means to an end. I find that the ones that I enjoy using are the ones that stick around longest.

Presently, I’m using Things. In the past, I used Todoist and OmniFocus.

Things with Today, This Evening and my proper use of Header and Checklist serves my purpose of organizing my tasks more seamlessly.


OmniFocus I have been using it since the Kinkless GTD days.
Due For tasks that have to be done I use this for reminders to take vitamins, one off tasks that need to be done at a defined time. i.e. evening reminder to set aside something to take to work. The nagging every few minutes helps ensure I do not overlook it.


I have tried most of the ones mentioned here. I used to use the GTD methodology religiously but have extracted the most impactful features out of it and find that Reminders will work fine for me. I am also very excited at the changes coming to Reminders in IOS 13.

Me too - I think the new Reminders will be enough for me, and am looking forward to digging once the beta gets a little more stable :slight_smile:

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iOS 13 Reminders is a big step in the right direction. My only gripe at the moment is keyboard shortcuts and Subtasks as second class citizens.

What I mean by that is they don’t come along for the ride when you schedule and complete the parent task (currently). I’ve filed feedback about that.

If I have:

  • Clean the yard
    • Rake
    • Mow
    • Weed

Then if I schedule “Clean the yard” for tomorrow. That’s the only task that shows up in my Scheduled list or Today when tomorrow comes.

Similarly once I’ve completed “Clean the yard” the Subtasks aren’t shown with the completed item.

If they fix those issues then I think it’ll pretty much be at a place where I could use it pretty regularly. Although Things is still just so fluid to move between. I can rocket through my Inbox in seconds vs the clicking I have to do in Reminders.


OmniFocus user here. It may be complex under the hood, but you can keep it as simple as you like. Of course, I enjoy knowing that if I need to map out more complex projects - for example, involving some sub-projects that are serial and others that are parallel - then I can do that without running into any walls.

I tried moving to 2Do for work-related stuff (to keep work and personal tasks separate), but OmniFocus is just ingrained into my muscle memory now.

I’ll be curious to look into the updated Reminders in i*OS13. However, I still think that OmniFocus will be the way to go for me, for the above reasons.

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Yea, OmniFocus is fine. It works. It’s the “truck” of task apps. :smiley:


I’m an enthusiastic OmniFocus user, but I never feel like I’m using it well. But I have no intention of event TRYING anything else because that seems like it would just lead to further distraction and recalculating (not to mention the amount of money I’ve already spent on it.)