When bad health strikes

Last July, I picked up Acute Lyme Disease. I did a regiment of antibiotics and was unsuccessful in warding off Chronic Lyme.

Since January, I’ve completely changed my diet (modified Paleo), altered my sleep schedule, and learned how to manage my spoons. But I’ve known I needed to talk to a couple of specialists about a real treatment plan.

On Monday, I went to see said specialist and ended up in a two and a half hour assessment that tested and questioned pretty much every aspect of my physical and mental health. And the results were less than exciting.

It’s very likely I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome on top of Chronic Lyme, which would explain some of my symptoms. But it didn’t stop there. It’s also possible I have a long-term mold infection or a leaky gut. We need to test for the latter two to confirm.

These came to the surface because of my childhood years. I grew up on a 4,000 acre conventional corn and soybean farm where I ran a lot of equipment that sprayed chemicals on the field. Breathing those in over long periods (and as an adolescent) can cause all kinds of bad things since your nose has neuron endings directly tied to your brain.

On top of that, I had a period of about three years where my bedroom very likely had mold growing in the walls. So I’m sure that wasn’t a great thing to inhale either.

All of this to say, I have bad health and the road ahead of me is going to be rough.

The treatment plan involves a rigorous use of herbal supplements and lifestyle management since the general medical community hasn’t caught up on the latest understanding of these issues. And to be honest, I’m not super comfortable with the idea of treating an internal chemical issue with even more chemicals.

So this means I have to maintain my diet, sleep really well, eliminate as much stress as I can, and do my best to lead a fulfilling life. Thus, I’m sharing this with all of you before I’ve even fully explained it to many friends and family. There’s not likely another group I would trust this with.

But I think my biggest challenge is trust. I’m looking at a two to six year recovery if it’s even possible. And the symptoms will come and go in roughly six week cycles. Having been on the downside of that cycle a couple times, I know it’s incredibly depressing and extremely hard to deal with. Trusting Jesus to look after me is no simple task when I what I really want is to take control and beat it into submission. But I can’t do that.

So right now, my prayer is for healing, strength, and trust. Healing for my body. Strength to continue being effective in my work and providing for my family. And trust in God to watch over me.


Praying for you @joebuhlig (but you already know that :wink:)

Encountering your physical limits is tough. I can’t fully appreciate everything you’re going through because I’ve not been through it myself, but I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 18 so I’m with you on the sleep focus.

I thank you for sharing this, and I think everyone can relate in some way if we’re honest with ourselves. We all like to think we can will our way to amazing things. Learning to quiet the voices in your head & trust God is a hard lesson that I’m still learning!


@joebuhlig I agree in faith for your healing and compete recovery! I’ve seen my mom healed of cancer, my son Jonathan healed of chromosomal, kidney and heart problems… and countless other testimonies. Your faith in God is the foundation to every part of life: our family is standing with you and your family!


Joe, I’m very sorry to hear about your health issues. I am praying for your full recovery.

“Jesus, aware of this, withdrew from there. And many followed him, and he healed them all.” (Matt. 12:15)


Thank you for sharing so we can lift you up. God is your strength when you are weak.

I had Lyme in 1994, I remember feeling like I had the flu for a few days before I was diagnosed and treated. I have often wondered if I had any lasting affects from it. I will ass it to my list to ask the doctor next visit.

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@joebuhlig We will be praying for you sir. I firmly believe you will come out on top of this, and the knowledge you gain will help you be a light for others that are facing/will face the same issues.

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Dear Joe, I’m very sorry to hear of your health problems. Because things can start pulling up like yours have it can become overwhelming. But you are doing the best by seeing your doctors, researching into the diseases, and most important praying. My family has had a rough last ten months and I always prayer to give us the strength to bear the difficulties. And if possible for healing. How many times I found myself conversing with God asking for patience, knowledge and just talking. Know that many in this community will be prayer warriors for you and your family. God’s peace be with you.

Thanks, @bob. :hugs:

The big symptoms are fatigue and migrating joint pain. But it comes and goes in roughly six-week cycles. If you’ve never dealt with those, there’s a good chance you beat it early on.

Thanks for the prayers, @wjsii. I’m certainly taking notes about it along the way with the hopes of sharing/encouraging others if/when I beat this thing.

This is greatly appreciated, @StanPHL.

I used to get gout every year or so. I cut way down on drinking Coke, Dr. Pepper etc and have not had a flare up since. Fatigue used to be a constant state, I think it was more the carbs and sugars. :wink: I think you might be right that I beat it years ago.


Dear Joe,

Blessings! I have been following your work for several years.

10 years ago I developed chronic fatigue syndrome in the wake of several years’ of unexplained symptoms and stress. I was a junior doctor and I was really angry with myself, and with God. Nothing I had learned in medical school as capable of helping me, and it seemed like a dark mystery. I stopped working for a year. I have since learned more about health than I ever did at university. I wish I had a community like this when I was struggling.

The fact that you have a doctor who has even heard of these concepts, and is exploring them with you, is a blessing - intestinal permeability, environmental sensitivities, and avoiding foods that drive immune dysregulation - no one is taught these ideas in medical school. Sometimes patients wrestle for years without them even being considered…

I have seen people heal through all of these things. It is definitely possible. We have access to so much more information now than 10 years ago.

I pray you have a great sense of hope and encouragement!



And thank you for the kind words of encouragement.

I thought it would be worth updating this thread- for the past 6 months I have been battling with sciatic/radicular pain from a disc prolapse demonstrated on MRI. It is improving very slowly and I think this year I have been hard to live with as a result of it. My wife has been very patient with me. I really pray that God will give me patience and peace to focus on Him in the midst of the storm…

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2 Corinthians 12:9 - “my grace is sufficient for you.” Keep going! Day-by-day, play-by-play.

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If mold is still an issue (and likely is) check out Biobalancenow.com. They have a fogger that uses natural oils to kill mold. Having dealt with chronic issues myself for years, and the ups and downs, my functional medicine doctor told me about this recently and it has helped me tremendously to push me to the upside. (Private message me if you want more info).

Blessings as you overcome this challenge.