I was wondering what everyone uses for scheduling in their personal appointments for services.

I see scheduling from 2 sides.

  1. I can contact the person and send them a meeting request. (more manual on my part and back and forth on scheduling)

  2. (Preferred) - I send a link to my parish (or the list of people) and it ‘would’ in theory display time slots available. Then the person can sign up.

What’s your preferred method and why?

We use Planning Center at our church, but I have heard great things about Worship Planning

My business uses Calendly. It’s reasonably priced and integrates with a bunch of other services we use.

You can send a link or embed on a website. Someone can pick a date/time based on availability you set or it links to your calendar and uses your availability direct from there. I included a couple screenshots of how our implementation looks publicly.

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