Read the Bible in 1 Year - Omnifocus Project Template

Here is something practical. Does anyone know if an omnifocus project template exists to guide one through reading the bible in a year? it might suggest daily old/new testament chapters to read but not punish the users with the red screen of death if some days get missed?

obviously this would take a long time for someone to setup. any thoughts?

I like the neubible iphone app but as a side issue it crashes now when I open it - anyone else have this issue?


I don’t have anything like that. I use the chronological reading plan inside the YouVersion Bible app because its so easy and you can do it with a group.

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I listen to the Daily Audio Bible. It does the Bible in a year: OT, NT, Psalms and proverbs each day.

I listen to podcast on Overcast and made a shortcut to play the latest. Then in OmniFocus I have a daily task to listen. I’m coming up to my 2 year anniversary.

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Good suggestions thanks

Actually, I use one of these each year. Here’s the one for 2019, but you could adjust the dates for 2020.


For some reason, when I try to open this link, I get an 404 error message. The file can still be found in @joebuhlig’s repository: Reading Planomnifocus-bible-plan.taskpaper; thanks for sharing this! (It seems that Discourse encodes the % in the link and so instead of the correct %20 it tries to open %2520, which doesn’t work.)