Just wanted to say it was awesome to connect with folks at Macstock this year! @blakeandersonj @bodiequirk @michaelpporter

(Sorry if I left anyone out! The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind for me)


I echo everything Mike commented about Macstock… there’s nothing like meeting face to face… Now @bodiequirk please work on getting your wife to join you next year for Macstock :slight_smile:

@Rachel It was super-cool to meet you and Mike, and Joe, and Josh and all of the other amazing humans that make me feel right at home. I fear that if my wife came next year you two would hit it off so well that @mikeschmitz and I wouldn’t see you for two days.

Seriously though, my wife appreciates my tech prowess, especially when it helps her out at the school she works at. I would love to bring her along next time, we will see.

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