Kanban Prayers

I want to build a system to keep track of which prayers have been answered and to handle prayer requests. The value of this is in building gratitude, as well as generating a library of testimonies for my children and others

I have tried using tasks managers but they are a poor choice, since perseverance in prayer is not satisfied by having repeating tasks that simply get checked off each day.

I thought a Kanban might be a good choice

I have started using Obsidian’ Kanban plug-in for this…


I think this is a really cool idea! Would love to see a screenshot of you have one and hear how you set it up.

Hi Mike - thanks for your reply

I have been developing this idea further and would appreciate input from the community too.

Procedure for Obsidian Prayer Kanban

The authority for this project - so that our sons will have a record of how the Lord has helped out family - see Psalm 78:4-8

I am mindful of prayer being 'Spirit lead" ie not just my agenda or a list

if you can believe it, I had an Omnifocus repeating tasks for prayers etc. It never felt right…

Procedure Recommendations

  • Leverage daily notes for your prayer kanban workflow
  • Daily notes can contain passages of Scripture and longer descriptions in prayers that won’t fit well onto a Kansan card
  • Write the prayer out in full in your daily note under a heading
  • Then link to that daily note heading in the kanban card
  • Don’t have cards create their own notes because of naming conflicts with similar prayers over time (eg [[pray for my wife 1]], 2 etc
  • Keep the cards very brief so they will display well when they are summarised in tracking logs

Note: In my convention “@” shortcut dates in Kanban cards always reflect the dates when prayers were answered. Cards can be tagged eg “answered-prayer” or some variation

In my “Collection of Answered Prayers” tracking note - I use the “Tasks” community plugin to generate custom searches to return the tasks which are completed (tagged or moved to a particular Kansan column or archived)"

I need help with

  • Repeated daily prayers - should they repeat or just stay there?
  • Gratitude prayers that don’t have an outcome
  • I need help using Dataview to improve this workflow I’m not a programmer - all this is just put together by a layperson so far

See attached examples …