How do you keep your bible notes?

The topic about translations of the bible inspired me to ask this related question: How do you keep your bible notes? Do you even take notes while reading the bible? Where to you keep them—in one bible, in a notebook or do you use an app?

I love the thought of reading just one bible, that I keep with me all the time and that contains all notes to bible verses, that I find interesting. But I switched the books in the last few years. Last year my wife and I decided to get and use a single bible together, so that we stumble upon each others notes while reading Gods word. Also books tend to provide limited space in the margins to write notes. And it’s sometimes very interesting, to compare a verse in different translations (or even languages) and write down the insights. These points make writing notes inside books less attractive to me. That’s why I started to take notes in digital documents. I used a software, that allows to link different entries easily. That lead to interesting paths and thoughts. However it was also rather time intensive and I stopped using it because of that.

Some time ago I decided to stop worrying, because I used to think a lot about this question, but never found an answer I was happy with. Instead I read a lot in the scripture and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and understanding, instead of my ability to structure notes. I occasionally take notes in whatever bible I hold in my hand (as long as I’m owning it…).

But I’m still interested in this topic and happy to learn about the ways and methods you apply when reading the bible.

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My notes are a hodgepodge. :blush:

I use Logos and OliveTree to read on my phone so I will save highlights and notes within those apps.

I also sometimes read directly on my kindle or a paper Bible. In those situations I highlight directly in those items.

And I use Day One to store notes on the songs we sing each week with my church.

I went down the road of creating a shortcut to save highlights and notes into Keep It. It worked pretty well but was still cumbersome to do and often times still required some editing on my part.

Overall I think it’s important to make notes but I don’t think it’s important to necessarily have a system in place for everything.

That said I do still save things I’ve gone back to reference into Keep It. And I might start adding them to my paper journal as well. :man_shrugging:t2:

This article was also a good read. It says “long term research” but it’s heavy in how he uses it for his Bible notes.


Thanks for reply; learned a new word: hodgepodge :smiley: I’m going to read the Keep It article you recommended. I don’t use iOS, but this might give some ideas I can implement using other systems.

Good point. Sometimes I want to invest into important aspects of my faith to “profit” more from it. However, there’s definitely no benefit from a big pile of notes, just for the sake of having many notes.

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When it comes to notes, I am a bit old school. I still like a paper Bible and like to underline and put notes in the margins, etc. Last year I bought an expensive Bible (quality of construction) for no other reason but to leave it to my family when I pass someday. Again going old school.
But I do journal electronically in Notability using Apple Pencil.


Published a video not too long ago on my notes here:

It’s changed quite a bit over the last couple of years :slight_smile: