Homescreen Share

I can’t believe this hasn’t been done yet! Perfect place to share our home screen!

Here’s mine!

Happy to answer any questions about it :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike! Seems very minimal, straightforward, and free from distraction. Dock set up is great! I am curious as to what is on your other screens!! :grin:

I’ve got 2 for you. First my 6S Plus

Then what is my main device, a 12.9” iPad Pro



Thanks for the share Curtis! Someone other than myself that’s still using the 6 plus! :joy:
Really like your Modified Bullet Journal article. What role does Things play in that?

I always enjoy these. Here’s mine.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Wallpaper (shot recently at Epcot on the 11 Pro)


My Bullet Journal is about planning the week, and being a daily journal. Getting thoughts out of my head and holding the main tasks for the day. You can see how I do my weekly plan here in this post.

Now when I’m working on a YouTube video, blog post…something I have a list in Things. I turn there to check off the items so that I don’t miss them. Things also gets some reminders and a quick grocery list that I can check off at the store. I have a bunch of lists of YouTube video ideas there as well.

I do have a plan to do a video on how I handle it now.

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Thanks for the share Kennon! I love the “dock only” first page. That is something I have wanted to try. It seems like it would limit so many distractions. Do you handle most of your notifications (mainly messages) with a Apple Watch or through the Notification Center of your phone?

I like that idea! The article is very informative and makes a lot of sense. I would definitely like to see a video in the near future!

Yea. It definitely helps me keep a calm mind when I glance at my phone too often throughout the day.

I handle almost all my notifications on my phone. My watch only shows me text messages, and event alerts. The rest only go to my phone and I can answer them when necessary.

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Interesting. Would you mind sharing which face you use ?

I hop back and forth.

I mostly use the Siri Face with the Things complication while working, and then swap to the Photo face with Carrot Weather complication when I’m done for the day or on the weekend. Seeing photos on my wrist brings me a large amount of joy, and doesn’t make me think about my upcoming schedule, or other requirements.

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I like that idea. I have been using just the Siri Face for a long time but I’ve found it doesn’t really give any useful information after 8pm. I think I will try switching to the photo face as well.
I Really wish Things would show a card every hour on the Siri Face…

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Here’s a question: Do you prefer gray or “Siri” color tiles on the Siri watch face?

Color. :grimacing:

The gray has always looked too blah for me.

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A few more questions:
Do you use any analogue tools? (Bullet Journal or Planner)
Do you have any blog posts about your Things 3 setup?

No, I’ve never gotten into these. They’re just more work than they’re worth for me.

No, I’ve written posts about using OmniFocus, GoodTask, & 2Do, but not really Things. The reason behind that is that I don’t feel like my implementation is complicated at all. I have some Areas:

Areas & Projects

  • Home
  • Main Job
  • Second Job
  • Side Jobs
  • Guidance

All those Areas are pretty simple. They house tasks related to each “area” of my life. I break down Projects within those areas as any collection of tasks that accomplish a singular goal. Things like:

  1. Graphic Design: Print or Digital
  2. Monthly Sprints on the primary web platform for my second job
  3. Website Deployments for other web platforms for my primary/secondary jobs

The only area that’s a little complicated is “Guidance”. In there I have all my routines that help to move life forward.

  • Maintenance: This could be anything “maintenance” related around the house or digitally that I need to do with my systems. This contains tasks like:

    • Replace Air Filters / Fertilize roses / Sanitize the dishwasher / Cleaning carpets
  • Finances: This is any money-related task that happens on a regular basis.

    • Review YNAB / Sending invoices / Paying insurance
  • Health: This one I’m still not sold on, but it contains things that help keep myself or my family healthy.

  • Worship Leader: I run the music program at my primary job, and these are things that need to be done directly related to that position.

    • Creating volunteer schedules / Updating weekly service details / Changing guitar strings / Changing drum heads / Writing discipleship articles
  • Tech / IT: I also maintain IT related things for both of my jobs.

    • Add weekly sermon to the website / Run Windows Updates on campus computers / Update access codes / Update Wireless equipment: APs, routers, etc…
  • Be a Better: Got this list idea from Beck on their OF system walkthrough.

    • Having lunch with friends / Date nights with with / Spending one-on-one time with children / Help lead people in my department(s) at church
  • Birthdays & Events: Reminders so that I don’t forget important dates & anniversaries.

Last misc note(s)…

  1. I use Area Tags so that I can filter Anytime, Someday, & Logbook views down to specific areas.
  2. I also use a “When Did I Last?” tag for some routines, so I can quickly search for that tag and see when I last cleaned out the air filters, for instance.
  3. I guess there’s more to what I do than I realized. :wink: :joy:
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Man, THANK YOU for sharing that! There are some real gems in there! I’ve been using a modified bullet journal system. It helps me have an overview of my upcoming week. All of my tasks live inside of Things but I haven’t been able to organize in a way that works with my brain. I may just be borrowing some ideas from your system!
What church do you attend/work at? When you said campus and volunteers it made me think of the church my family and I attend. We live in Charlotte and attend Elevation. Your job sounds awesome and I would love to do something like that! I’ve always had a passion for music and ministry.
I’m really glad we connected over sharing home screens. Feel free to text me anytime. It may be easier than writing here! 434-251-5973

No problem. I have tried so many different systems. “Things” is the only one that has clicked for me and just works the way I want it to. “Show me what I need to do and get out of my way.” :smiley: :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m at a church in Ocala, FL, Good News Church. I handle, music, IT, and design. Luckily we aren’t nearly as big as Elevation, and most of our “programs” are pretty simple, so I’m able to manage mostly by myself, but we also have some amazing volunteers too.

Also I use “campus” just because that seems to be the church term for multi-building location. We only have one location, but multiple buildings, so I’ve just gotten use to calling it our “campus”. :joy:

I do love my job, but most of that is the people I work with. We have an awesome staff. It’s definitely a joy to work there.

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I went and checked the website out. Looks great man! You’re right, Elevation is big and can seem intimidating but at its core, it’s just a Bible based church centered around people coming to know Jesus.
Today’s church terms are very different. Campus means more than one building, worship experience means service! :joy:

I noticed you have Day One in your dock. What’s your approach to journaling with it? Do you have separate journals?