Hi, I'm Yaakov7 ๐Ÿ‘‹

Why did you sign up for the Faith-Based Productivity community?

Here what other people are doing, what are affecting their lives, good or bad. What are they doing to resolve or changes to make their lives more fulfilling

What is your church background?

Very little at this time

What is your biggest struggle?

Defining a plan to move forward in my life - business standpoint

What is your favorite book (and why)?


Are you a Mac or a PC?

Iโ€™m a Mac

Welcome @Yaakov7 :smile: Weโ€™re all trying to figure out the way forward. Glad that youโ€™re here!

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@Yaakov7 welcome to the community!

Welcome, @Yaakov7!

What have you tried so far? @mikeschmitzโ€™s personal retreat concept is excellent for this.

Thanks for joining @Yaakov7