Hi, I'm Shl1ck 👋

Why did you sign up for the Faith-Based Productivity community?

I have been listening to various podcasts which feature Mike. His approach to life and work, his principles in family life, and his careful approach to everything he says make him a good model to listen to when it comes to matching productivity and faith.
I have no specific expectations from this community, but it may help me to discover what people gain from being part of the faith based productivity course.

What is your church background?

I am in full time ministry leading some small churches in Northern Ireland UK. I try to be involve in many activities during the week. As a leader the importance of setting an example is a daily challenge.

What is your biggest struggle?

A good question but not one I choose to discuss openly in a public forum. One thing for here is the difficulty I have in completing what I put on a task list or in a planning diary as I behave as if I am only answerable to myself.

What is your favorite book (and why)?

“The Big Idea” by Dave Ferguson st al. And “Take back your life” by Sally McGhee

Are you a Mac or a PC?

I’m a Mac


@Shl1ck I couldn’t agree more, great to have you!

Welcome @Shl1ck :smile: Appreciate the kind words, it’s great to have you!

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Welcome, @Shl1ck!

:raised_hand: Me too.

When it’s only me that sees the list, it’s easy to shirk. Thus, I try to find ways to let other people know what the plan is. Are you able to do anything like that?

In public church life I write the church newsletter and this generally includes specific activities for which I must prepare, and hence am accountable.

Some of my younger colleagues use some sort of spiritual director to whom they are accountable, and maybe that would help me ‘obey’ the diary. But I can make some excuse not to get one of those myself. Age, availability, seniority, and I have tried in the past!

I am working on it.