Hi, I'm rosetree 👋

Why did you sign up for the Faith-Based Productivity community?

My faith is very important for me. And productivity is as well. It helps me get my stuff done and not letting others down or burning myself out. I’d love to discuss these topics with like-minded christians: productivity with a Jesus-centered perspective.

What is your church background?

Church is my second home at the moment. I’m part of the leadership team in a small church (100–115 members) in Hamburg, Germany. I’m also part of the youth leadership, the sound team and doing some other jobs occasionally. I love that we are a church family.

What is your biggest struggle?

Probably focus or direction. I do a lot of things in church, while working on my applied computer science degree and being married. I want to serve God, but don’t know how this is going to look like in my day-to-day job after my studies. I can get lost in lots of responsibilities, because I love being involved. And I want to do the things I’m doing in the best way possible.

What is your favorite book (and why)?

I cannot decide. The Chronicles of Narnia because of the characterization of Aslan; probably everything from C. S. Lewis. The Undivided Looking blog by Aron Wall and writings by Johannes Hartl, because of their great logical arguments.

Are you a Mac or a PC?

I’m a Linux (Debian if someone is interested)


Nice, truth be told I’m iPadOS (iOS for the last 12 months) though I think I said Mac when I joined.

Welcome @rosetree - glad that you’re here! I know what it’s like to have church as your second home :joy:

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Mobile only? Very interesting. I think it would be great to be even more portable than a laptop. But I still hesitate; I think a Convertable would be a great choice. But I probably need an desktop OS to work.

You might, but you might be surprised to see what can be done with iPadOS. I think the biggest hurdle with people coming from a desktop is that they want to do things the way they’ve always done things. Mobile first doesn’t support that, but it may support stuff that’s better.

I heavily use shortcuts so much that when I’m on my Mac for some reason I feel handicapped.

For my web development I ssh into my development server and use Vim, tmux and other terminal based tools to do my work. Pretty much the same thing I did when I was developing locally.

That said, just because others do it doesn’t mean you must either. I think that working iOS first is still closer to early adopter stage than mainstream stage. There are some issues (way less with iPadOS) but you can get work done.

I think that iPadOS is more focused, and that you need to not stick to the same old ways you have always done things. As iPadOS 13.1.2 finally cleaned up some remaining big bugs, I’ve been really happy to head back to my iPad first after the iPadOS beta was really rocky.

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Thank you, for your articles and insights! It’s great and inspirational to read about your work with iPadOS. After reading your first post, I started to use only maximized windows (and in full-screen most of the time). Feels a lot more focused.

In this semester I constantly switch between three version of the Java JDK, for three classes. In one class we’re working on a distributed desktop game (requiring JavaFX). And a 4th class I’m attending regards the IoT, where I have to flash applications to different ARM boards, that are connected via USB (2.0 I think…). So right now I don’t think it’s easily possible for me to switch to a mobile OS. :slight_smile:

But other aspects of me using a computer fall more in the other category: being accustomed to a specific work environment. A lot of me work happens in Emacs (sometimes emulating Vim :nerd_face:). I know this can be run via SSH (or within the Termux Android App). But as far as I experienced it works most conveniently in a desktop OS. (And I don’t want to change it :wink:)

In one of your posts, you mentioned that working in the cloud is more safe (regarding backups). While I agree on that, I’m also a bit skeptical with data in the cloud. First, because of privacy reasons. I don’t know where and how the data is stored (which is the feature of the cloud) or who might have access (intended or not). Second, I sometimes need to access documents, while being offline – though I realize, that this shouldn’t be hard with most clouds.

It’s great to think about this. The full screen approach alone improves focus a lot.

I’m glad the full screen apps have helped. I find it hard to discipline myself on my Mac Mini sitting on a 24” screen. iPadOS got stable enough again with the most recent update so I’ve been back using my iPad all the time. I don’t think I’ve used my Mac outside of syncing my Suunto sport watch via the cable.

I also think that you need to work with what works for you and I’m pretty sure that flashing ARM boards won’t be something the iPad is going to do easily for a while.

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