Hi, I'm Kvyoung 👋

Why did you sign up for the Faith-Based Productivity community?

The more I can learn the better. Learning from others is always helpful.

What is your church background?

I’m not currently a church goer but have attended in the past. I find myself more interested in following Jesus’s example than becoming involved in organized religion.

What is your biggest struggle?

Motivation, easier to do nothing than become active in all respects of my life.

What is your favorite book (and why)?

Getting Things Done

Are you a Mac or a PC?

I’m a PC


Welcome @Kvyoung :smile: Hopefully this community can help provide the motivation that inspires action!

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Thrilled you are here, @Kvyoung!

“Iron sharpens iron” :+1:

Out of curiosity, what does nothing look like? Often times, when I say I’m planning to do nothing, it translates into blowing time on YouTube or something lame. But I know some people who mention “do nothing” and they mean sitting with a book for a couple hours.

Well, first off I should tell you I am retired so no longer have work related tasks to account for. Instead, most of my time is spent pursuing my personal interests such as all things technology related. I spend tons of time on the computer reading RSS feeds, following productivity groups, watching YouTube videos on tech, reading on Reddit, flipping between using MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android and ChromeOS. Flipping between G-Suite and Office 365. While I have created some good habits with daily meditation, journaling, task management, following morning, evening, weekly and monthly routines some areas of activity where I see myself procrastinating are exercise\fitness, learning to program\web development, pursuing my interest in photography and pursuing a higher spiritual feeling for lack of a better word.

So I guess what I trying to say is I spend an awful lot of time consuming information but would like to also integrate a regular fitness routine (like simply walking), a plan to learn programming at a higher level, pursuing photography and learning about it as well as spending time on reading the Bible, learning more about Jesus. So the plan includes some good stuff but it is easier to consume content and procrastinate on the other activities.

I hope this clarifies.


Have you read Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism? My gut reaction was that this is a long list of things that are really cool to learn about, but may not necessarily contribute to a broader mission in life. In other words, have you found your personal mission?

Good questions Joe. First off, Digital Minimalism is on my reading list but I haven’t read it yet. In terms of a personal mission, to be honest I don’t think I have one. When I was working and providing for my family that was my focus but after retirement, I’m not so sure I have a personal mission other than enjoying time with my family and grandsons, enjoying learning about tech, small amounts of travel, etc. I have no business to focus on, my career has ended and I’m fine with that.


Yes, it would be great to move from being a consumer to a creator of content. Coding would be wonderful way to move in that direction. While maybe not practical for design work but Python is a good language. I too have decided that I want to explore photography with a camera vs. the iPhone. And nothing beats spending some time with the Word. All the best.

Sounds like you know the next action. :wink:

@joebuhlig ok - I’m assigning you an action to write your mission statement :wink: