Hi, I'm Jennifer 👋

Why did you sign up for the Faith-Based Productivity community?

To get focused in my life and fulfill the purpose that God has for me.

What is your church background?

Been to church since I was 10.
Now church is life and I am closer to my church family than my birth family.

What is your biggest struggle?

Seeing myself right, and that I can do all that God has called me to do.

What is your favorite book (and why)?


Are you a Mac or a PC?

I’m a Mac


Welcome @Jennifer :smile:


When we know who we are and why… we have the confidence, perseverance and motivation to do what God has called us to… I also struggle seeing myself right… @Jennifer


Welcome to the team, @Jennifer!

Typically, when I hear someone mention focus as a goal it’s because there’s a lot going on in life and the clarity that comes from absence of tasks is lost. I don’t want to immediately put you in that category, but does that sound right to you? Or am I way off-base?

What’s number two? :wink: