Hi, I'm Grasley 👋

Why did you sign up for the Faith-Based Productivity community?

I have been following Mike for years through Asian Efficiency and wanted to spend some of my learning on my faith based grounding.

What is your church background?

Regular attender at a local church (former staff member), I think Jesus impacts me more then the church at this point. I am the founding director of a non profit that empowers impoverished Neighborhoods to thrive and I have found that often the church is not very gracious and just with people in poverty. My passion is to build bridges between churches and the faith based community.

What is your biggest struggle?

I am visionary person that can get overwhelmed with the details, get stuck with lack of follow through and overwhelmed with prioritizing right in light of the ‘big rocks’.

What is your favorite book (and why)?

Bible - great example of God’s mercy and justice. When Helping hurts- great reminder that we all learn. Currently reading “to alter your world”.

Are you a Mac or a PC?

I’m a Mac


Welcome to the discourse, Grasley. They are a great bunch of people.

Welcome @Grasley it’s great to hear that you’re active with your faith and making your dent in the universe! I would love to hear more about the organization your started!

Hi @Grasley. I’ve recently read “When Helping Hurts” with the staff at my church, and it’s been quite eye opening. :+1:t2: Definitely paints a much different picture of what helping those in need looks like than I grew up with.

Hi Rachel, thanks for your interest, you can find out more about us on our website www.lifelinecdc.org or facebook at LifeLine community development.

We are a small non profit in central California and working on empowering impoverished Neigbhorhood’s to thrive.

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Hello Kennonb, yes, it is a life changing book, if you want to read another book “toxic charity” by Bob Lupton. Where are you located? I can maybe connect you with a non profit that can help you explore this more.

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Thanks. I’ll write that down to check it out.

I’m in Ocala, FL. We have a few non-profits around here that we help that follow the methods in “When Helping Hurts”. The primary one is Wear Gloves. :blush:

Welcome, @Grasley! I also met Mike through Asian Efficiency :smile:. It’s cool - I think that Christians are overrepresented in productivity communities, relative to the broader population.

I just looked at your website - great work

Hello Rachel, we started really out of my frustration with the unintended consequences we saw when we just do hand-outs. There is so much more to giving a person in need something… there needs to be dignity and a way to engage people in letting them understand that everyone has a story and that the life story is not their life sentence.

I love toxic charity - also the follow up book on When helping hurts is great