Hi, I'm FrMichaelFanous 👋

Why did you sign up for the Faith-Based Productivity community?

I love exploring new blogs relating to productivity. It’s my first time to see something that is faith-based in this regards. I am hoping that I can finally be in a community that discussed apps, productivity and such from a faith-based background (i.e. serving in church ministry).

What is your church background?

I am a Coptic Orthodox priest in the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles. I was ordained in 2013 by the Bishop of the Diocese and served at St. Mary Magdalene Coptic Orthodox Church in Palm Springs. In 2017, my family and I relocated to Orange County, so the Bishop assigned me to serve at St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church.

What is your biggest struggle?

My biggest struggle is making things work properly long term. Example, I love Omnifocus and I have heavily invested into it. Sometimes, it complicates things, but I am to invested to walk away and start another ecosystem.

What is your favorite book (and why)?

Where The Red Fern Grows (my first book I recall reading as a young kid, I wore out that cover from reading it so many times)

Are you a Mac or a PC?

I’m a Mac

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Glad to see you here, Father!

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