Format Bible Passage in Markdown (Logos & Keyboard Maestro)

One thing I keep having to do over and over again is create Bible reference URLs in Markdown. Whether it’s in my DayOne journal, or in a note in Obsidian, or Drafts. I want to be able to quickly format the reference as a Markdown link that I can open within Logos. So I created this action in Keyboard Maestro.


  • Bible Translation is set as “CSB”. You can change this in the first action in Keyboard Maestro (ex. Depending on the resources available in your library you should be able to set this to “csb”, “hcsb”, “esv”, “nasb”, “nlv”, “niv”, “nkjv”, etc…
  • Keyboard shortcut is set to “Hyper+S”. You can change this at the top of the macro.


What’s Happening?

  • Type a Bible reference
  • Select the reference
  • Press keyboard shortcut (Hyper + S)
  • Link is pasted overtop of the selection in Markdown



This is really cool @kennonb!

I imported a KJV Bible into Roam Research so I could link verses together as blocks, but this seems like a very good solution for Obsidian (which I have been playing with lately…)

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Thanks @mikeschmitz. :blush: You’re too kind.

I toyed with importing the entire Bible into Obsidian but ran into frustrations quickly. For me I’ve found linking back to Logos is “better”. Of course that’s subjective. It’s better for me because I have highlights and notes all stored within Logos (plus reference material) so by having a link to those verse references I can quickly jump in and see all relations to those verses. It does mean some redundancy in my note taking though since I’m adding notes to both Obsidian and Logos. We’ll see how that works out long term.

I love researching in Logos but the note taking is less than ideal.

I ran into the same issue with importing a Bible into Obsidian. Didn’t have a workaround until you shared this :smile:

Still not sure this is enough to get me out of Roam (I really like my setup there, I’ll work on a post that shows how it works). I do really like the idea of having everything locally though.

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Yea, I’d love to read that. Your article on Roam & GTD almost pushed me over the edge to finally give Roam a try. :grimacing: