Font change in Omnifocus

Hi guys, I love OF but in v. 3 I’ve never liked the regular text font. Anyone know a way to change it?

You used to be able to change the font on macOS in v2, but that doesn’t appear to still be possible in v3. :confused:

Every time I look at the design of Things it becomes harder and harder for me to stick with OmniFocus. The interface is just so “meh” in comparison.

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I just wish that I felt like OmniGroup cared at all about the UX of their apps. They mentioned on their roadmap this year that they were going to work on the flow of using OF on iOS. I haven’t really seen much fruit in that yet. The app continues to feel more and more like the functional equivalent of a meal that tastes good, but doesn’t look super appealing.

I did see they added the ability to mark a task as dropped recently. I assume that’s part of it, although I have to admit my first thought was “I don’t really need that.”

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Yea, I don’t really either. I don’t ever look back at my task lists more than a month at a time. I have no need to distinguish between something dropped vs actually completed. I came to the realization last year that my life is just not as complicated as OF was built to handle. :joy: And honestly I’m fine with that. I still keep up with OF though in the same way I do 2Do, and GoodTask, and many others. I’m constantly curious as to what they’ve got going on.

UPDATE: So Ken Case mentioned on Slack that Dropped actions are for clarity when collaborating on tasks. That makes sense. In that context then it will likely be a helpful addition. My personal needs are just different than what they’re working on (better date filtering, better view segmenting in sorted perspectives, smarter defaults when adding tasks in perspectives, better usability on the iPhone, etc…)

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