FBP Course with My Children

I have been going through the Faith Based Productivity course with my children the last several weeks. On most weekday mornings after breakfast, I airplay a lesson to the TV with my children. I then ask what they learned or sometimes I ask them the specific questions from the workbook if it’s applicable. It’s been pretty incredible to hear their responses. Here’s one from my oldest son, Toby (11 years old), from the “What it really means to hustle” lesson:

“To hustle the right way, you have to set your destination, there will be traffic and problems but you need to stay focused on your goal” - Toby age 11

The course has given us many opportunities to have meaningful conversations about what their hopes and dreams are and how they can take action now to get them there. My older two sons in particular have identified that if they spend less time on “screens”, they’ll be able to spend more time on the areas where they want to improve. For example, Toby wants to learn more complex Star Wars piano music which requires more time practicing piano. Joshua (9 years old) identified that he wants to improve his drawing skills and by spending less time on screens, he can spend more time being artistic.

Helping them determine their “why”, develop piano and drawing skills, has given them a meaningful reason to limit “screen” time each day. This is just one takeaway so far for my oldest two boys going through the course.


This is absolutely great. Well done on sharing this information with the next generation of leaders. I do not remember where we read it, but we have started limiting “consumption” screen time to a total of an hour a day. All other screen time is educational or creating something. We expected heavy resistance, but it has actually went over well.

Thanks for sharing this post!

@wjsii You’re welcome :blush:. Our goal is to impart to our children training on using technology to be creators not consumers. We are trying to set them up to steward their time and understand how powerful technology is… both negative and positive - it completely depends on how it’s used.


@Rachel that is wonderful to read. My personal feeling is that those who read music and perform will be some of our greatest creators, and have an easier time at it. RE: if you can read music and ‘see’ what you will do this is very similar to coding. You need to know another language but more importantly you need to know where you are going. Also, what music and literature does to complete the mind of an individual is amazing. Keep up the great parenting.


@StanPHL I agree that music is an incredible tool to develop young minds… our boys are pianists - learning to play by ear and read music. It’s particularly helped my son who didn’t like to read or do anything school related… now he’s reading and liking it!

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