FBP Community v2

Hey everyone, I’ve started building the next generation of this community using a tool called Circle. Circle allows me to do consolidate the community with the courses (eventually) and offers additional features like the ability to do live streams, etc. I’ve used Circle for a couple of other courses/communities I participated in (Part-Time YouTuber Academy, Ship 30 for 30) and been really impressed with it. I think you will be too if you come on over :slight_smile:

I haven’t announced it yet, but if you’d like to join, it will be completely free and you can do so using this link: https://community.faithbasedproductivity.com/join?invitation_token=aae55ec7a1fd10620bb13a94737f93787de0916b-cd00db22-687d-4d6d-8bc4-2b1d67d74c8d

Hope to see you over there!