Faith-based Bloggers?

Hi everyone, I have a morning routine where I read (using Reeder app) various blogs and websites. Some are newsy and others are totally about Christianity.

I’m wondering if anyone has some good faith-based bloggers to recommend? Seems like, while I’m sure they are out there, very few find a way to write about their faith AND their work.


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I follow few but Lisa is great:

I mostly haven’t found many that are good. I think that many are read because it’s “faith” and the content is actually subpar…so I’d love to hear about some good ones as well.

Here are some of my current favorites:

All of them make me think in new ways and I enjoy that :slight_smile: The first two often write about reasoning behind faith and Christianity. Another blog/podcast I follow is Behind the Mixer, because of my ministry in church.

Thanks Curtis, will check it out.

Thanks much, will check these out!