Bible study software tool

I would like to know which software solutions you are using for bible study and personal use? What was your main reason for buying/using it?

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I mainly use Pocket Bible on IOS from Laridian I have use them since Palm OS days, they have a policy that any translation you have bought will work on the next supported OS if they can make it work. I have used them for Palm, Windows phone and Mac as well.

I have also used Logos It is designed more for study and cross reference. It’s focus is Pastors and seminary students. I found it bit beyond what I need but worth it if you have need.


I have used and continue to use OliveTree Bible.

The app looks great on all platforms (including Mac), syncs quickly, and has a very large, affordable library. I have multiple translations, commentaries, dictionaries, Strongs, etc… and I’ve only spent around $80 in total.

They also have regular sales where you might be able to get many resources for pennies on the dollar.


Hi Michael
I use the all encompassing and hugely expensive Logos Software from faithlife. I have had it for years and both love it and hate it.
It opens immediately the resources i have to the very theme or verse in which I am interested.
The software/seller reminds me constantly of how much beter my exprience would be if only I upgraded to version “One more than I currently have”, at a knock down price of “huge amount of money”.
So, excellent resource, powerful programme, at a price.


I use e-sword which has lots of free modules and modules for translations that are not supported by other Bible software like Logos. (for the software) and (for free modules).

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