Ascension Thursday

A prayer of blessing for all this holy day:

And may you, who believe he is seated
with the Father in his majesty,
know with joy the fulfillment of his promise
to stay with you until the end of time.


Stan, as a fellow Catholic, I appreciate this! Thanks.

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@TheDailySaint I am glad you found this to be a blessing. I hope all Christians would as we know from Scripture Jesus ascended to heaven. While we may not know the exact date/time we do know the event occurred and its a wonderful that we can pick a day and reflect on what it must have been like to experience this event. Pentecost is still to come and the followers must have been scared as Jesus was no longer with them. And knowing they were facing hostility what spiritual strength they had for us to follow.

Just for kicks, imagine if they had the productivity tools we have today ; ) How would they put their next action items on the list, what would they categorize or tag them as in their system?

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