Article: Churches Want Better Ways to Connect With Their Flocks

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I thought this might be of interest for this group.

“As churches start to move more of their operations online, they’re realizing they have a trove of data available to better understand their attendees. Mike Essington runs information technology at Epiphany Catholic Church, a parish in Normal, Illinois, that counts 1,400 families in its congregation. Epiphany, which also operates a private Catholic school, subscribes to a variety of software products, including ACS Technologies’ Parish Data System, Ministry Brands’ eGiving solution for online donations, and Flocknote’s messaging platform. Essington says Flocknote’s analytics features have helped the church determine when it’s best to send text messages versus emails. “Depending on your age,” he says, “certain people like to get texts more. My nieces, for example.””

I’m happy to see some entrepreneurs trying to serve these types of needs.

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Interesting article! It’s cool to see churches doing new things, but I’m also personally a little wary of churches relying on them too much. I’m all for new technology, but I also think there’s a danger in believing technical systems will fix spiritual problems. I’m reminded of something E.M. Bounds said a long time ago:

“Men are always looking for better methods, God is always looking for better men.”

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I agree, balance is key